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"After the Play" by Faye Manning (c) 1997

She said you looked like the Devil

when you came to bed

you with your dark black eyes

you with your mouth so red

..... But that's OK

..... because I feel like HELL

..... I wanna BE dead



**He said you crazy girl

**it's tearing me apart

**You are my one true love

**I want to touch your heart



Hey it was just a dream

but still I feel like lead

I'm gonna ride that snake

and feel its wicked head

..... come on and take my soul

..... you gotta feed that fire

..... until we're BOTH dead



**He said you pretty girl

**You are so soft are warm

**I'll take you to the stars

**come lay inside my arms



She said, uh, you look like Jesus

now you got that beard

You with your clear blue eyes

You're what the Devil fears

..... You gonna save my soul?

..... You think it's worth the trip?

..... Can't bear to BE here



**I'm such a messed-up girl

**I need OUTTA this skin

**I'm just hell-bent on death

**can't find a way to win






Your life's a passing dream

It's over all too soon

You're dead a long, long time

and once the play is through

..... nobody takes a bow

..... there ain't no curtain calls

..... that's it for me-n-you



**You are my sweetheart girl

**You make my life a rhyme

**don't be so mean to you

**I love you all the time



She said now you're my angel

won't you hold my head

You are my saving grace

Your lovin' keeps me fed

..... come on and hold me close

..... and we can sleep all night

..... until the pain's dead



**He said you shine so bright

**Your soul's a burning flame

**a raging river flows

**you are consumed with shame



You take it all so hard

You got to laugh, my dear

a smile is magic grace

Your load'll disappear

..... and when you get the joke

..... then you can say good-bye

..... to all your pain and fear



**She said my dearest one

**You are my truest friend

**You are the stars that shine

**You are the living end



Now we are dark and light

just like there's day and night

You gotta take what's here

It's like this everywhere

There is no other place

Her fingers brushed his face

I'm staying here in bed

and that was ..... all she said

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