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"Bandwidth" by Faye Manning (c) 1998

I know this is crazy and doesn't mean anything really

except actually, it does

but try putting an "x" or a check mark

by any line that makes you think or tweaks your brain

maybe not into overdrive

but anything that sinks in past the first level

any resonance at all

hello? is this thing on?

try it for size

tell me anything, the feedback loop is presently open:


no cents abusing the wasted bandwidth breath

eMoTiOnAl acoustics

time is money (but money gets in the way)

bless me for I have sinned, therefore I breathe

readings measure produce graphic display

psychological frenquency response brainwaves

soulwaves flutter and wow pop and hiss

spiritual rEsOnAnCe insinuate quality standards in quantity

the thief of time once stolen never replaced

begging, can you spare a minute?

self-published vanity values minimum wage press

gas grass or ass nobody rides free lunch no such thing

witness the 'List:

megs and giggles of hard disk hard choices which words to cut

(too many notes)

reams of paper streams shreds the evidence in six strings

sharp to the tips of flesh biting the mouse pads

toner cartridge use once then search and destroy

little boxes of tikky-takky diskettes

total: one life - reduce, re-use, recycle

ding ding ding: you may already be a winner!

minutes add up to seconds ticking tape parade of magnetic fools

confetti bits everywhere again and

over added up and in stirred not shaken

it's just for spice God's dancing dice don't bruise the gin

patterns pulsing stretching into crowded coded fractal infinity

the byte of Father Time

beware the cosmic bandwidth concerns

the ides of the jabberwocky closed for system maintenance downtime

worrisome a wish on a penny tossed into the universal center

rips yawning black holes in the delicate glittering gossamer web

the threads so fine a fate so thin almost invisible a whisper

blatant dollars displayed in the butterfly's 'Net

blither blather blah-blee-ping

yeah yeah yeah what else

how much is too much?

fair exchange rate both way street keep to your margin

pressed to the edge holding back bandwidth breath suck it in tight

minus feedback traffic piling up rush hour clogged arteries

heart disease lack of blood no muscle food

then it dies unseen the great unwashed suffer the slave

work hard the hand the masters whip

where is wisdom? what is truth?

right and wrong? yours for a song

who foots the bill the handsome rocks the cradle

rules with gold and holds

all the cards, who's got the goods

who pays who says what goes and what doesn't

thou sayest

deep the gravity well black cyber hole connection timed and billed

ten to one it isn't hunger, it's poverty one in ten

donate generously local food piggy banks

and sell your plasma if you've got the veins in your forehead

bulging stomach

and if you can afford the busfare

when the drivers on the concert (thank you, mine) circuit board

the doors (you and yours welcome) will be open at


if the bandwidth will take it

on the wild hair of its chinny chin chin

by the skin of its ghastly grinning teeth

slug one down - even a dark beer is too much money matters

expensive buzz - luxury drink

recent jug of milk - have I died and gone to heaven or what?

caustic interference scritch splatch gwark it's a quark

background static radiation cling the bouncing electrons

wave to the particles

uh-oh, mid-range missing in action - tweeter and thump

nothing lasts, not even this

entropy triumphs amplified planet through speakers of dust

forgive and forget - breathe and let live

just "smile" and eat up that bandwidth chomp chomp chomp

ravenous simply ravenous

they're starving in Africa, and China,

and (even) Spring-a-leak-in-the-roof-field, so eat! eat! manga

there's plenty of everything

and more untold wealth where that came from

but right here it's


(the moon and jupiter)

stomping olympic flesh giants picking up speed of luge

faster and !wilder and !!STRONGER

everywhere the eyes the mirrors the smoke the dance the ghosts the reflections

oooooooh the What Is

go sleep, it's late

...bandwidth closing in

wink out


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