My 2 Cents Regarding 2 Week's Notice

Yes, I quit without notice - not something I did capriciously - I cried a river of grief saying good-bye to that part of me that held on for SO LONG - I held that job for YEARS - but I could not walk back in that door without knowing I'd just given up my VERY LAST SHRED of self-respect - quitting - without notice - was an act of STRENGTH - it was me standing up for myself - it was me saying I deserve better than this - I was being abused - that company deserved what they got and they got far too much of me - far too many years of my life my time my talents energies and abilities - for them to complain about the lack of two week's notice...

it always comes back to self-interest in the end - I play by the rules as much as possible - when push comes to shove I have to look out for myself because no one else will do that for me

Rules? Life is not fair - it's not about "fair" it's about learning

end of rant

not an excuse - not even much of an explanation - just me standing up for myself - I'm worth it even if it's just two cents - justfaye


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