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"Sunpoem" by Faye Manning (c) 1997

I want to write a poem
for the sun
capture the tone
I want the warmth of the mandala to glow
from my wall, in my home
capture the tone
I want the light of its face
to look at me every day
the singular eye
the only why
I want the sun to bless my room
capture the tone

A song for the sun
a circle, the One
the Source, the glory
put a rhyme to the story

I want to write a poem
that will shame the moon
move the stars in rhythm
the heavens dance in time
and lovers swoon

I can't even sing
I can't even try
words flutter to the floor
while we posture and sigh

I want to write a poem
capture the tone

A lyric as impressive
as brilliant hot blazing blinding and awesome
as the Sun
I want to write that poem
capture the tone
black and white
incredibly intricate
but not

just one lonely star
set in a Cobalt sky
the only why
to grace my room
capture the tone
that's my poem
for the sun

read at open mic Cobalt Cafe, Canoga Park, CA 
Tu 5 Aug 97

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