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round, smooth, unique



rock, stone, starts out split off from the Big Rock, the Big Stone, and it's rough, jagged, sharp, unweildy. It splits into smaller rocks, smaller stones, and continues its journey from the Big Rock, the Big Stone, down the mountain, up from the depths of the Earth, onto the land, into the water.....

in the rushing, flowing water, it knocks against other stones, other rocks, all pieces of the Big Rock, the Big Stone, and in the process the rough edges are worn smooth

until all that is left is the *same* rock, the *same stone*, unique in shape, color, and unrepeatable, but rounded, smooth, delightful to the eye and soothing to the soul, comforting by its very age, its being, wise in the One Story it tells of countless years, eons, knocking against larger rocks, other stones, resting in the flowing, rushing river. The unique shape and color remain, the *core* of the stone is intact, and the outer surface (shell) of the stone speaks of peace


*Riverstones *All

one within the Big R

the Big Rock

the Only Stone


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