Journals of Despair from the Fringe of the Universe

the red queen ran out of gas the red queen resigned the red queen refuses to get out of bed refuses to breathe

I can't I won't I don't I quit

cybercide is only for someone who is still PLAYING and hopes to maybe play again sometime.

I am so angry I can't stand it anymore

= = = = =


second thots about these memoirs

when you're staring at eviction

and banging on the door of the Grim Reaper

yank that chain

ring them bells

this is when you no longer care

what someone else might think

just crying out - being heard

as long as there is energy

(to cry out)

= = = = =

to any who might have read this work- in- progress, I have taken the former text away (and left the two tidbits above) in order to massage it, tweak it, change the names to protect the innocent etc. It remains to be seen if it will return in a more coherent form.

This is a marker - "It was *Here, This Happened" - and if the story is ever worth telling, it will be worth telling *accurately. When I first began this project, I truly thought something bad might happen and I might not be able to continue with the web-publishing already in place and on-going. This was the marker, just in case: "if this is the last thing I ever publish, here it is."

To those who have responded positively to my writing =Thank-You=


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