The Judas Transaction (c) by Faye Manning

[[Disclaimer: these verses are 
written in metaphor - these words 
are figurative representations of 
symbolic images - in no way can they 
nor should they be construed as 
libelous or slanderous - furthermore 
these are my opinions to which 
I am entitled in any case]]

Pay the rent 
..... where's the harm

get some dough 
..... Buy The Farm

Gotta eat 
..... pay your dues

fair's fair 
..... I got them Judas blues

..... what's precious is lost

..... betrayed, at what cost

..... just name your price
      40 pieces
      40 hours
      there goes your life

Your 40 hours, your daily bread
It eats you alive, that overhead

Give us this day 
..... or give us death

It's all the same 
..... till your final breath

You work, you sleep
you eat, you pay
every day, you pay and pay

then it's over
the the Devil has had his way

"Don't sell your soul!" 
..... oh no, not that

but sell your time 
..... Hey, we'll take it

go sell your blood 
..... go sell your life

each week, for a wage 
..... your time, for a price

Yes I've seen the Devil
'cause he's my employer
I work for the Devil
and it's yes, ma'am and yes, sir

Thank you, Satan, for keeping me fed
Thank you, Satan, for my roof, and my bed

..... one life, bought and sold

..... you were young, now you're old

..... warm flesh is now cold

and what did it profit you? 
what did you gain?

a potter's field


                on a rope

                       in the rain

=     =     =     =     =     =     =     =
(c) Faye Manning 7-8-97
read 10 Jul 97 at SipNSurf Cybercafe
and 29 Jul 97 at Cobalt Cafe
on Friday, July 11th 1997 
I quit my job
without giving 2-weeks notice
when I sat back 
and read what I'd written
when I realized how I truly felt
it was then I knew 
I could not go back there 
even one more day

I will not work for the Devil
I will not sell my soul
I will not betray myself or my life
I can no longer "look the other way"
while I squander the most precious gift 
the universe can offer
my one and only life as "me"
the unique and unrepeatable 
space-time event
known as Faye Manning

=I remain unemployed to date=

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[[..05 Dec 1997..]]

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