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Welcome to justfaye's Cosmic Corner of the Three Circles





I am worth taking care of

I am safe

I continue to survive

I am ...and I am *O*K simply because *I *Am

~ ~ ~ I am O.K. ~ ~ ~

My soul flows with deep and abiding compassion at all times in all ways - I breathe compassion - compassion flows through every fiber of my being; compassion is woven through every atom in the Universe

I have compassion for ALL aspects of my being

I have compassion for all aspects of the Universe - for all things and all people and all space/time events

I have compassion for What Is - for all that has gone before, for what is Now, and for all that is yet to Be

I am *more than my thoughts

I am more than my mind, my body, my feelings, my behavior

I am more than my conscious experience


I am connected to the Infinite+

= = = = =

+That which is unknowable - unfathomable - the deepest most profound most sacred enduring and fascinating mYsTeRy of all space and time

= = = = =

I am a unique expression of the Infinite

I am infinitely small (and infinitely vast) and infinitely eMpTy

I am an empty vessel - I am an open channel

I dwell in possibility

I am at peace with myself

I sit still within myself within this, the Eternal Present Moment

= = =

I am filled with [[..<<>>Compassion..]]

I am filled with the exhuberance of life (and light)

and the compassion of sentience

= = =

exhuberance is beauty ~ breathing is bliss

= = =

"Teach us to care

and not to care

Teach us to sit still" --T.S.Elliott

= = = = = = =

(static or "peaceful") meditation visualization::

focus on the horizon of a vast placid body of water - a full moon - the moon reflected in the still, even surface of the water - the only thing that moves is the breath

= = = = = = =

healing meditation visualization::

<< breathe in:: draw in pain - burn away pain in the karmic light of the soul within...

>> breathe out:: let go release healing compassion relaxation acceptance peace

<< breathe in:: light

>> breathe out:: compassion




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